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India Epps
for CSD School Board

Let's Build a Positive Culture for Our Kids

India Epps Family.jpeg


I am India Epps, an experienced Human Resources leader and committed Decatur parent running for School Board. I am passionate about fostering a positive culture for students, teachers, administrators, and our community to ensure the success of all our kids. Join me in empowering our children to reach their full potential!


As the daughter of a public servant and a teacher, the importance of community and education has always been instilled in me. As a parent, I have been actively engaged and supportive in all activities in my children’s schools. It has given me a sense of responsibility, empathy and an understanding for others.  I believe that City Schools of Decatur are the focal point of our community. We all want the best for our children.  As a member of the school board, I look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact on shaping the educational experience for all children in CSD. I am ready to listen, act and build on the efforts of our current school board.


Empowering Our Children

My mission is to create a school system that is equitable, inclusive, and provides opportunities for all our children to succeed. I believe in the power of education to transform lives and I am committed to ensuring that every child in our community has access to the resources they need to reach their full potential. Let's work together to build a brighter future for our kids.

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